Your computer doesn’t work?

It happens so quickly at times, it takes you a while to figure out what happened. Either a hard drive crashes, a motherboard burns up, a power-supply surges and fries your system or lightning strikes in the vicinity and turns your computer into a large door stop. The computer is easy enough to replace. The data upon it is not…

Your computer is probably not broken. It’s your operating system that is causing you problems. If you are here, then you may have experienced problems with Microsoft Windows. That’s common. Microsoft Windows has a lot of problems. Remember your computer hardware does NOT get infected, your Windows operating systems does. Huge difference!

Are you tired of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for your computer’s software? Tired of having to buy upgrades, and new hardware to run the upgrades? Tired of crashes, security flaws, cyber-attacks, and worrying if your computer is safe to use? Had enough of license agreements, lock-downs, and restrictions on what you can do with your computer? Worried about your business being sued for making a careless copy?

Take a few minutes and read the End-user license agreements (EULA) for XP, Vista and 7 sometime, you probably will be surprised as to what you may find. Also, there is an important principle that everyone needs to understand — regardless of the pure motives of the parties to a legal contract, the contract may contain “unconscionable” requirements, meaning requirements no reasonable or informed person would agree to if understood.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can live your life free of Microsoft, and free of their thousand and one petty annoyances. Save some money in the process and free your data as well.

  • Do you have older assets that you would like to use still?
    • Computers that are 4+ years old are still worthy of saving, let us show you how.
  • Does your computer pose challenges in functioning properly?
    • Sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning.
  • Would you like to know the best solution to your troubles?
    • Yes, of course you would!

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